No good, just harm |

No good, just harm

Dear Editor:

The move by the county to assess 100 percent employee-impact fees on commercial and Country Day is partly ludicrous and definitely unnecessary.

Ludicrous because, except for the ABC, Buttermilk and Redstone, there is no commercial zoning in Pitkin County. Also, the commission voted in 2003 by a 3-2 vote to remove affordable housing zoning from the code, thereby prohibiting affordable housing projects to be built in the county.

There is a desperate need for community-oriented/local-serving commercial development, and this huge impact fee will be the end of any thoughts of developing more commercial at the ABC.

The Skico is already voluntarily building and buying affordable housing. The money assessed can’t be used to build in the county, so what does the county think it is going to do with the money? The money will be more effective in the Skico’s hands.

As for the school … parents who buy in Aspen pay a 1.5 percent transfer tax going to affordable housing. The other parents at the school are downvalley commuters, already penalized by the need to pay a large tuition so their children are not left to be latch-kid children 40 miles away.

And last, the 1.5 percent transfer tax from a billion dollars in sales is flush, with more money than land to build on. If the commissioners want to do something productive, repeal your prohibition against affordable projects.

Commissioners, there is no “public good” to be attained with this impact fee. Worse, this direction will most likely result in “public harm.”

Shellie Roy


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