No fan of Tipton’s

Dear Editor:

Spoiler alert: I am acutely aware that not all Belmonters/Fishtowners are as described here (“Valentine wish: Repair the state of our unions,” Comment, Melanie Sturm, Feb. 14, The Aspen Times). However, as you just lumped them all into stark categories, for this reply, so will I. And quite frankly, the name you have given each is abhorrent to me.

So Fishtown is made up of people who have no jobs, no morals, don’t go to church and are lazy, unhappy criminals.

Belmont is made up of people who have strong morals, work hard, practice a religion, volunteer in the community and stay married.

Well, it’s good to get this cleared up, and it makes me Think Again, for sure. Because in my experience, there are people in Fishtown who work two or three jobs, happily raise conscious children, go to church and do all this against great odds. They clean the Belmonters’ houses for low pay while the Belmonters spend $600 for a haircut and $200,000 for a handbag. And they pay the Fishtowners, who were not lucky enough to be born into money, minimum wage with no benefits.

As for population, fact is, there are more than 25,000, (that works out to one every four seconds) of the world’s population who do in fact starve to death each day. Each day. And that is after we have polluted our food to grow faster, such that we don’t know what is in it anymore.

You might remember that in the late ’70s, France went on a big crusade to entice its population to have more babies so it would have a bigger work force. Then in the late ’90s, there were riots by 20-somethings because there were not enough jobs for them.

The earth is a finite planet. It has a carrying capacity. Some people think we have reached it, and some don’t. Ms. Sturm, your claim that 97 percent of the population lives in a declining population is unequivocally and factually untrue, as is your claim that a declining population is not good.

Please don’t Think Again – just read more and study more and learn more.

T.J. Krest