No excuses during Aspen cycling season |

No excuses during Aspen cycling season

Now that ski season is over, which is more like uphill season for me, I’ve vowed to get on my bike more than ever this spring/summer/fall and eliminate the excuses.

I hate being just a weekend warrior, so I try to get on my bikes as often as possible during the week. That often includes a late Friday afternoon mountain bike ride on Basalt Mountain once the trails are clear. At times, I’ve been known to bail on that when there was a particularly compelling FAC event to attend. This year, the beers will have to wait until later in the evening. (They taste as good at 8 p.m. as 6 p.m.)

My intentions are always good to get out one or two evenings Monday through Thursday for a quick spin on my road bike. Work sometimes clobbers the best-laid plans. More often then not, especially once the monsoon appears in mid-July, the weather makes an evening ride dicey. The wind is howling and the sky looks like all hell could break loose any minute. The simple solution is more morning rides, such as Tuesday’s scramble up Missouri Heights on Catherine Road and down El Jebel Road with a friend. The wind wasn’t blowing. The meadowlarks were blaring. The sky was blue. The traffic was light. We just had to deal with temperatures in the 40s and race the clock for me to get back for work.

On those days when I cannot get out in the morning, I’m not going to be such a wuss in the evening when a little rain is possible. You think of a guy like Aspenite Tom Hayles, a world-class cyclocross competitor. He probably relishes a chance to ride in rain. Then there’s my old pal Beige Jones, who commutes year-round by bike from Snowmass Village to Sport Obermeyer. He also trains in all weather and looked horrified when I told him I was taking a morning spin class two days per week this winter.

“You’re cycling — indoors?” he said with an incredulous look.

Yes, yes I am, and I’m going to make it pay off this summer, come hell or high water.

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