No excuse for cell use |

No excuse for cell use

Dear Editor:There is NO reason, unless you are the president of the United States and the national security advisor is calling to inform you of an imminent nuclear attack, for someone to use a cell phone on the gondola – or in movie theater or a restaurant for that matter.There is NO reason you cannot wait until you get off the gondola, ski over to a private place and either hear your message or return the call that you just missed – in private and without imposing on everyone around you.Anyone who insists they must answer the phone right then and there is simply a rudeball asshole without any sense of time and place. Why so many people insist that they are the only human beings on earth and never learned how to have a sense of propriety when out in public is beyond me. Stop being so insistently self-centered people! Your phone conversations are private and belong in a private place – not imposing itself into my space. It’s not that hard to be aware of others and unoffending.R. Barry CrookAspen