No democracy in Eagle County |

No democracy in Eagle County

Dear Editor:Webster defines democracy as: government by the people; especially rule of the majority. The majority of the voters in Eagle County made it clear in the November election that they did not support taxing themselves for child care, yet our commissioners ignored the majority and voted on April 24 to fund child care with your tax dollars. They based their vote on a few bleeding hearts that were mostly invited to speak, rather than following the wishes of the majority who said no. Perhaps the present commissioners spent too much time in child care and never learned what no means.Life is about choices from the time you are a small child. As adults, you can choose to move here and live within your means, or you can choose to live elsewhere. You can choose the course of your life, and many great folks that have accomplished much came from poor homes and overcame many obstacles without a government handout. Passing out more welfare will just create more welfare leeches and another New Orleans. It takes love and family to raise a child, not the government. It’s been said that behind every great man is a great woman, and I don’t believe they were referring to Kathleen Fornash and her social programs. In Eagle County, you have the choice to give your whole life to making the county a great community, but when you get to the point in life where you need a little assistance to take care of yourself, you don’t have a choice. You need to move to another county that cares for the elderly because in Eagle County, our government is too busy supporting the illegal immigrants.It was sad to listen to our commissioners justify their reason for voting to spend your tax dollars. Peter Runyon said there were 7,500 people that voted against child care and 5,500 that supported it, but in the 7,500 that voted no, he speculates that there were 2,500 that wanted to help take care of children but did not want to be taxed to do it, so he moved them over to the losers and made the minority the winners. He thinks Eagle County is a rich, rich county with an enormous amount of wealth. Maybe we should cut taxes so these people can afford their own child care. Based on Peter’s thinking, I am sure there are many folks that voted for him but now would not support him, so let’s just move those over to the other side and move Peter out along with Arn. I will give him credit for suggesting that funds not be approved until the community match money was raised. Menconi ignored that suggestion, saying they would just spend the county reserve funds if the community did not contribute.Menconi was arrogant enough to suggest that he was elected twice, so it did not matter that the voters said no. Because Menconi supports this program, now he thinks the community believes in taking care of children. Responsible parents believe in taking care of their own children.Possibly Menconi and the others will believe in democracy when the majority of the voters vote to recall him. I certainly will vote for it.Mike LederhauseMcCoy

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