No controversy, just sports |

No controversy, just sports

Dear Editor:

I ask the readers to please indulge me as I address a personal issue. I am the father of an 11-year-old who participates in the Aspen Recreation League’s football program.

This year, as in past years, we enjoyed the generous sponsorship of the Aspen Elks Club and the personal sacrifice of Ron Morehead and the volunteer coaches, who do such a great job. The kids practice three days a week and give it their all each weekend in a six-game schedule. The games are remarkably entertaining and are establishing the talent pool for the future success of Mike Sirko’s outstanding high school program.

Having said all that, I believe that their progress and efforts are newsworthy, even in this self-important town. Why then does the town’s two newspapers choose not to give these games some minimal coverage? Why have they chosen not to publish letters that have been submitted to them?

Logic couldn’t provide me either answer. But I had a theory and decided to test it out on my son and gave him a quick survey on his knowledge of the events that our two papers hold so dear. This is what I learned.

He doesn’t believe that President Bush staged 9/11.

He does believe that the Holocaust took place.

He thinks anything in the category of “historic” doesn’t need an emergency meeting.

He isn’t sure why the merits of the Mideast crisis are best resolved by the Carbondale Think Tank.

Since we moved from Southern California five years ago, he doesn’t see Aspen’s traffic crisis as that critical.

And he would love to see the local papers carry more local sports stories.

I understand now. He’s not controversial enough. He’ll just have to labor away with the rest of his teammates and all the other deserving local teams under the radar. Too bad for your readers. My personal thanks to the Elks and all the coaches (they’re subscribers too) for their tireless efforts to help grow and expand the character of our youth. It may go unnoticed by some, but there’s a very large group of parents and kids who really appreciate it.

Rod McClure


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