No builds’ is lazy intellectualism |

No builds’ is lazy intellectualism

It is interesting to hear the S-curves supporters labeled “no builds.” A clear sign of lazy intellectualism.

The people supporting the S-curves are far from wanting things left in a “no build” state. What we do want is an entrance that makes sense for the scale and density of a unique mountain town, namely Aspen.

As I have stated in the past, all the processes leading up to this election have eroded into many opinions about how the Entrance to Aspen should be.

One side is claiming the tunnel can go away, and yet the tunnel is fundamental to mitigate for the loss of open space. Another side states that buses can cross the Marolt Open Space, and yet we just had a vote in 2001 denying that proposal.

Yet another side states that HOV lanes are possible but they do not satisfy the EIS for mitigating traffic impacts. HOV lanes are an enforcement nightmare that are easily transformed into unrestricted traffic lanes.

Even CDOT is now sending mixed messages about how the entrance could be built without the permission of the electorate of Aspen. The only sure thing is the present S-curves entrance.

There is an undeniable temptation to pursue more asphalt as a solution. Please do not fall prey to the allure of more lanes of traffic to solve our transportation woes.

By the way, have you noticed how our perceived traffic problems are 24 hours a day, but in reality congestion is only a small part of the day (less than 15 percent). The rest of the time the S-curves work just fine.

So why are we spending all this money, $72 million, when a much less expensive solution is possible? There is a community compromise available here and voting for the S-curves will allow for that compromise.

Your vote does matter, contrary to what the CDOT would have you believe. Voting for the S-curves is the ONLY safe and easy entrance. These graceful curves satisfy all community goals and maintain our enviable reputation as a great place to visit.

Terry Paulson

Aspen City Councilman

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