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No big deal

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:Who is surprised that the Democrats would nominate and vote for a confessed war criminal for president of the United States? (Check Kerry’s testimony before Congress in 1971.) Does “J.F. Kerry, war criminal – new president of the United States” sound like the headlines that our enemies will use to further incite hatred of our homeland? What brain power is used to select Kerry, knowing he used a self-inflicted injury to obtain a band-aid Purple Heart, thus enabling him to bug out eight months early on his troops? Answer, the “Bush-hating” logic of Democrats. Then the “hero?” returned to the United States to impugn the character of the troops still fighting, as well as those who had already died at a rate of 650 per week.Now, as a former military pilot, two tours in Vietnam, I will address the forged documents the Democrats, and CBS, are using to impugn the service of President Bush and those who were in the Air National Guard during the Vietnam War.I was required to take an annual flight physical every year for 20 years to maintain flight status. This is an administrative process required of pilots for all services and to be grounded for failure to meet the date is again an administrative procedure to cover many contingencies such as sickness, temporary duty elsewhere, et cetera … no big deal!My first Vietnam tour (Army) I was shot down, resulting in 46 days in a hospital in Japan. Then I was grounded for 18 months before returning to flight status. Some 60 days later, I was assigned to an Air Force squadron for my second tour, flying missions as the only Army pilot assigned. Guess what? Regulations concerning flight status, flight physicals, temporary duty, grounding and return to flight status were the same.Other coincidences I am proud to share with I /LT Bush (President Bush) are that both he and I received honorable discharges for carrying out our assigned duties and never, not once, impugned the character of our comrades in arms. Bush for president in November!James E. FosterLT/COL, USA, RTDCarbondale– see Letters on page A12– continued from page A11