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No auto allowed?

Dear Editor:

Mayor Mick and City Council’s no-auto-allowed incentive tied to the Boomerang project should be green-lighted without the usual traffic jam.

The argument that these would-be unit owners are being treated like second-class citizens is ludicrous. In parking terms, council is saying the lot’s full.

The last I looked, no one who wants to get in the lottery and win an affordable-housing unit had a gun to their head.

Instead, our local workforce is being subsidized with hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars per unit, based on the category system currently in place.

By the way, I’d make some significant changes to the category system in an effort to simplify it and better serve the community.

But, I digress.

Back to the no-auto-allowed concept.

If we are building affordable housing to serve local workers, finding a car to use should not be a problem. We do have the effective “Car To Go” program, which could be expanded if necessary.

I agree it might be a bit inconvenient at times, but with a mortgage, HOA dues, capital-reserve fees and just the simple cost of home ownership, it would seem eliminating a car payment, insurance, and maintenance should work for a segment of the population to fill those no-auto-allowed units.

To take it a step further, I think this idea should be expanded to more affordable-housing units, certainly studio and one-bedrooms, which come up for sale located in the core.

Reducing plastic bottles is admirable, but the benefits to Aspen and (not to sound like Bill Maher) “the planet,” on no-auto-allowed units might catch on and be the environmental leadership position Aspen talks about, but has yet to stake a claim in.

So, why not take the Boomerang no-auto-allowed concession a step further and apply it to 30 percent of the units, set a precedent, and make a real statement.

If the community is going to bail the Boomerang out, why not get something we can hang our hat on? Why not stake a claim?

Andrew Kole


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