Nine reasons to re-elect Barack Obama |

Nine reasons to re-elect Barack Obama

Dear Editor:

I will stand tall for President Obama for the following reasons:

1) First and foremost, President Obama is a great family man and role model and not just for minorities like him.

2) Obama’s keen insight and quick action by the Fed kept us from going into a great depression. As tough as things have been, they could have been a lot worse.

3) The president has worked hard to bring our fine young servicemen and

-women home by getting us out of that terrible war in Iraq. Give him time, and he will do the same in Afghanistan. As our history tells us, peace will bring prosperity. Look at the economic numbers, especially the drop in unemployment, and you will see it is already happening.

4) With Obama as our commander in chief, we have had almost four years of security at home without a single major terrorist attack. Bin Laden is dead, and al-Qaida is on the run. The same can be said of other Middle Eastern terrorists like Muammar Gaddafi, who was one of the worst ever.

5) President Obama took on the tough fight for health care despite its raucous opposition. Now we have a health care system whereby you cannot be denied coverage for pre-existing conditions. For people like me, that means a lot.

6) The president has promoted the responsible development of our natural resources such as natural gas yet refuses to let the oil and gas companies control our energy policy. Without regulations, no doubt they would run roughshod over our beautiful public lands.

7) Obama has promoted the development of renewable energy such as solar and wind energy. The climate scientists are not lying when they say global warming is upon us with possible dire consequences. Germany is only two years away from shutting down its last two remaining nuclear power plants. Its entire electrical “smart grid” will be run by a combination of wind and solar power. How cool is that?

8) Obama has been a great supporter of women and women’s rights. We are moving toward the day when women will receive equal pay as men who work in similar positions.

9) President Obama has worked hard for equality for gay people. Hopefully gone are the days when people had to fear recrimination for being “different.”

All of these things were accomplished by our president despite the worst obstructionist Congress in history, with some of its members on record as voting against him 93 percent of the time! It makes you wonder what he could have accomplished with a different Congress. Please vote to re-elect President Obama, and give him the vote of confidence and trust he deserves.

Joe Mollica

Glenwood Springs

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