NIMBY terrorism |

NIMBY terrorism

“Mothers,” what a bunch of dim bulbs. Citing Carbondale’s natural beauty. The beauty lies in the mountains and valleys, duh! The entrance to Carbondale looks like Sanford and Son!

Don’t like the layout of the Marketplace? Blame that on the nitwit NIMBYs who forced their sanctimonious attitudes on the previous developer’s proposal for a much more aesthetically pleasing design.

These mamas with no brains for business were able to bring their moronic reasoning to center stage, as a vocal minority. Anyone with an IQ greater than a baker’s dozen wasn’t listening to their intolerable whining. Now the majority must confront this inane annoyance and slap them silly.

Downtown business owners should be ecstatic in anticipation of their shops and restaurants filling with valley visitors when the Marketplace opens. We will even be able to use Highway 133 without having to pass turning vehicles on the right, halfway down a ditch.

Constraining consumer convenience is nothing more than

If you are all right with buying used underwear at Miser’s or outfitting your entire wardrobe ala Wal-Mart, then you need to join this intellectually challenged group.

MOTHERS: MOrons THat Eventually Redefine Stupidity.

So, Moms, after July 15, pack your VW Beetles and go homestead in Dotsero. They won’t even have a 7-11 there for another 30 years! Duh!

Bill Knapp


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