Nightclub faces hearing over strippers |

Nightclub faces hearing over strippers

Janet Urquhart

Aspen authorities will wait until next month to get to the bottom of an alleged liquor license violation involving strippers at a local nightclub.

With a criminal case pending against Jeremy Guterman, who operates the nameless late-night lounge at 215 S. Galena St., the Aspen Liquor Licensing Authority agreed today to schedule a hearing on the matter in January ” after the municipal court proceedings have presumably concluded.

Guterman was cited after holding a private birthday party at his club, the former Roaring Fork Tavern space that has since become known as Club No Name because he never gave it a new moniker. He reportedly hired female strippers for the party, but state law requires that the employees of establishments that serve liquor be clothed. In addition, the topless women were allegedly mingling with patrons ” another violation.

And though the party was supposed to be a private affair, the general public was apparently admitted to the club, including underage patrons. There has been no allegation, however, that underage individuals were served alcohol.

Guterman is scheduled to enter a plea in municipal court on Dec. 15 and a trial, if there is one, will probably occur in early January, said David Hoefer, assistant city attorney.

Liquor board members indicated they’d like to hold a hearing on the alleged violations after the criminal case has been resolved, so they can take the outcome of the case into consideration as they debate the future of the club’s liquor license. The board could revoke or suspend the license, or do nothing, Hoefer said.

Guterman appeared at today’s board meeting, but declined to comment on the latest incident that has landed him in trouble with the law.

He was cited for overcrowding at the club when it debuted last New Year’s Eve and paid a $150 fine for the violation. The liquor board imposed a seven-day license suspension for that incident, but then suspended the suspension, telling Guterman the club’s liquor license would be suspended for seven days of the board’s choosing if the club was cited for another life-safety violation within a year.

That year is up Jan. 2, 2005. Board members agreed today that the alleged violation involving strippers doesn’t constitute a life-safety issue and won’t trigger the previously threatened license suspension.

Nonetheless, the New Year’s Eve incident will likely be taken into consideration at the board’s hearing next month, predicted board member Peter Helburn.

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