Nieslaniks are heros |

Nieslaniks are heros

Dear Editor:I would like to express my sincere gratitude to John Nieslanik and his family for placing the conservation easement on their ranch. Their generosity in making this donation deserves the gratitude of the entire valley.To blame the Nieslaniks, as was suggested in a Dec. 22 letter to the editor, for future sprawl is about as logical as blaming people who deposit their money in a bank for causing bank robberies.This easement will ensure that this ranch will forever be uncluttered by housing and pavement, always available to wildlife, and very importantly producing food for the world’s constantly expanding population. Even though I am extremely happy that this easement is now a recorded document, my feelings will seem minuscule compared to the thanks future generations of valley residents will feel toward the Nieslaniks for preserving this spectacular and productive ranch. Bill FalesCarbondale

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