Nice yellow journalism, Joel |

Nice yellow journalism, Joel

Dear Editor:As a former contributing editor to The Aspen Times, I am stunned by the depth of yellow journalism and character assassination displayed by Joel Stonington’s front page story on Wednesday, Nov. 15, concerning the “alleged” conduct of Pitkin County Deputy Joey DiSalvo involving a juvenile last week.By their own admission, The Aspen Times must have realized the anonymous letter/e-mail (accusing DiSalvo of “sexual Harassment” and other “serious Allegations”) was bogus … and their obvious failure to verify these allegations before publishing appears libelous.Maybe I should pen a bogus letter (without address or phone number) with the signature of Clem Klididdlehopper or Alfred E. Nueman, accusing police chief Loren Ryerson of sexual harassment toward his female officers and hiding kiddie porn inside his soiled underwear … stashed within his office file cabinets.Maybe the Aspen Times will run a front-page story with these unverified accusations … and the Pitkin Sheriff’s Office will publicly issue a statement of “I’m as concerned as you are,” demanding an “outside investigator” … without walking 6 feet across the corridor to discuss such wild, unsubstantiated statements with the APD before “opening mouth and inserting foot.”The real shame is a lack of oversight and professionalism by The Aspen Times in allowing this story to be published without verification. I’m sure The New York Times has office space for BOTH Joel Stonington and the Aspen Times editor with oversight responsibilities.Montgomery ChittyAspen

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