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May Eynon

Embarking on new chapters in their lives, a couple of locals will be leaving town within the next week or so.

Don “Slugo” (pronounced Sluggo) Slogan will only be leaving for the summer, but his friends threw him a bon voyage barbecue anyway.

Heading to Pittsburgh, Pa., to work construction on “an opportunity not to be passed up,” the decade-long local has not yet set a date of departure.

“I’m going to miss my mountain bike partner, but I know he’ll be back in November,” noted one friend.

Another familiar face about town, Tracey O’Reilly, is also eastbound, moving to Portsmouth, N.H., sometime next week.

Having skied only once in seven years, Tracey never was much of a mountain girl during her tenure in town. “Hey, I’m a people person. Drop it,” she asserted.

Last Saturday night, Heath and Charlotte DeLay hosted a shindig in Tracey’s honor at their West End townhouse.

“I’ve been running around with this girl for 15 years now,” said Charlotte. “I can’t believe she’s really outta here.”

“It’s a terrible loss for the community,” quipped Rick and Nancy Meyer, longtime friends with Tracey.

A veteran employee at the Cantina, Tracey has made quite a name for herself with the happy-hour crowd, lunchtime diners and local barflies.

“I’m going to miss the discounted guacamole I always get when I go there during her shifts,” revealed Heath DeLay.

Tracey’s husband, Mike O’Reilly, was recently offered a chef position at Radici, a restaurant in Portsmouth, which prompted the move. Trained at the Culinary Institute of America, Mike worked as a chef in Aspen for several years before taking a sabbatical from the kitchen and learning the trade of home building.

“We decided we were ready for a change, and Mike was ready to get back into the kitchen,” Tracey explained. “Opportunities are for taking. Aspen’s not going anywhere. I am.”