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Next " a tax on air

Dear Editor:

Mick’s right as usual (“There are plenty of transit carrots,” guest opinion, March 11). Milton Friedman would be proud! Nothing is free! I propose a tax on air. That way he can control how much the proud citizens of Aspen get to breathe. We can charge part-time residents and tourists even more. Who cares about them?

Think of it: All the developers he hates with that sullen, Nietzschean resentment, can only blow so hard if he regulates how much they get to inhale. They won’t have enough money left to turn bars into money sucking vacuums. With that revenue stream RFTA can afford to buy everyone their own personal green-burning bus that just comes and goes and never has to park until it goes to sleep and the subsidy for that becomes axiomatic. We’ll raise geese on the golf courses and fuel those buses with goose farts.


Jonathan Feinberg