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Authorities issued 11 summonses to establishments in Basalt and El Jebel, charging them with selling liquor to an underage person in a Saturday sting.The Eagle County Sheriff’s Office said in a press release that it ticketed the Shell station and the Short Stop bar, both in El Jebel.The sheriff’s office said the Basalt Police Department issued nine additional summonses the same night. Basalt Police Chief Keith Ikeda said that assessment might be premature, as some of the summonses might be reduced to warnings upon further investigation.Ikeda said Basalt police cooperated with the sting. However, he thought it would target only carry-out establishments; Ikeda said he didn’t know bars and restaurants would be tested as well.Ikeda sends a letter about three months in advance of the periodic operations, warning establishments but giving no specific date. The goal, Ikeda said, is to urge the checking of identification.Ikeda said two summonses were issued to retail liquor establishments in the latest sting. A report wasn’t finalized yet, so he couldn’t disclose which places.In addition, seven restaurants and bars received summonses Saturday. Ikeda said he is reviewing those summonses with his staff. Businesses that have never been warned before about serving a minor will have the latest summons reduced to a warning; the summons will remain for establishments that have received previous warnings, he said.

ASPEN Aspen’s Mountain Rescue team earned its five-year reaccreditation from fellow Mountain Rescue Association teams last weekend. Evaluators and observers from teams throughout the region challenged Aspen’s team to safely and efficiently execute five core team competencies required for certification as an accredited Mountain Rescue team.”Tests conducted included scenarios in search, avalanche rescue, technical snow evacuation, mid-wall climber rescue, and steep/rough terrain evacuation of an injured patient,” according to a statement on Mountain Rescue Aspen website, Rescue Aspen performed avalanche and snow simulations May 19 on snow remaining on Ruthie’s Run. It completed technical rock rescues (both midwall and steep terrain evacuations) May 20 on Whirlpool Rock, off Highway 82 across from Devil’s Punchbowl on Independence Pass.

ASPEN Dr. Stanley Gertzbein will speak about “Spinal Stenosis: The Debilitator” at 5:30 p.m. Monday, June 4, at the Given Institute.The free public lecture is the final in a three-part series by Gertzbein dealing with diseases of the back and spine.”The main nerve structure of the spine runs though a central channel within the vertebrae from the top of the spine to the tailbone. At each disc level a nerve exits from the spine to the limbs though a smaller channel. When severe arthritis affects the spine, large bone spurs form which narrows these channels, causing pain, disability and possible paralysis. The treatment options of this condition, and their effectiveness, will be reviewed,” said a statement from the Given.Gertzbein is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon with more than 33 years’ clinical experience as a spine specialist, treating common and complex spinal disorders. Call 925-3730 for more information.

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