News in Brief

The Aspen/Snowmass stop of The Honda Ski Tour will be nationally televised on ABC today at noon.The third stop of The Honda Ski Tour was held here Feb. 22-25, featuring ski halfpipe and skier-cross competitions in Snowmass and live music in downtown Aspen. ABC will feature the races and the entertainment in a one-hour show.Athletes featured will include Aspen/Snowmass team athlete Peter Olenick, Simon Dumont, Colby West, Sean Field, Tomas Kraus, Stanley Hayer and Aspen resident Casey Puckett. The final stop and championships of The Honda Ski Tour are being held this weekend in Squaw Valley and the past tour stops included Sun Valley and Breckenridge.

Two weeks after two girls – one Hispanic, the other Anglo – had a fight in the hallways of Rifle High School, life continues for the school’s students.Students attend class, teachers assign homework, and Hispanic and Anglo students pass by each other in the hallways where the fight occurred. But some of the students feel their school is getting portrayed in a bad light with all the media attention the fight has received.”I think we’re being falsely represented by the media,” RHS senior Shanaira Foreman said. “It’s one situation and it’s not a representation of the student body.”Foreman said racial tensions haven’t been a problem at the school in her four years there.One of the girls involved in the fight has been removed from the school by her parents because they felt she was not safe. The other girl has been issued a summons for assault and had an expulsion hearing Friday, the results of which were not made public.

Samuel Lincoln’s attempted murder trial has been postponed because of past run-ins with the law in Mesa County.The trial, in which Lincoln is accused of entering a west Glenwood Springs mobile home in November 2004, robbing it and nearly stabbing a man to death with a bayonet, was set to begin April 16. But the date was recently vacated and replaced with a hearing to reset the trial April 18.Public Defender James Conway said a trial in Grand Junction involving accusations that Lincoln fired at police officers during a high-speed chase has pushed back his Glenwood Springs trial. Lincoln was the subject of a manhunt in Mesa County in 2005. He was arrested as he allegedly tried to walk out the back of the Budget Host motel in west Glenwood, not far from the Fireside Trailer Court, where the 2004 stabbing of Federico Garcia-Hernandez occurred. Police fired several non-lethal, bean-bag-type projectiles in apprehending Lincoln, who allegedly was armed with guns but didn’t fire back.He also faced charges in Mesa County in connection with the Nov. 23, 2005 shooting of a man who survived six bullet wounds.Lawrence Doty was found not guilty of the same charges Lincoln faces in Glenwood, arising from the same incident.

DENVER (AP) – They are free for the asking in many Colorado cities and counties, but copies of minutes from planning and zoning board meetings can cost anywhere from a dime a page in Logan County to $1.25 per page in Arapahoe and Douglas counties.Reducing that variability – and capping the cost for copies of public records at 25 cents rather than the $1.25-per-page maximum set in 1968 – would make it easier for people to obtain documents detailing how their governments work, supporters of a legislative proposal say.Sen. Andy McElhany, R-Colorado Springs, said the maximum copy cost in the state’s public-records law is the highest in the country and has been and obstacle for some people who have sought records.The Senate this week gave final approval to the bill (Senate Bill 45), which would set a 25-cent-per-page cap on the cost of obtaining copies of most public records. The bill now heads to the House for debate.