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Aspen, CO Colorado

Farrell can’t flyASPEN Assuming he doesn’t dress in the instantly recognizable garb he wore as the frontman of Jane’s Addiction, how will fans be able to tell that’s Perry Farrell snowboarding on the local slopes this weekend?Look for the smile.”I can’t fly through the air doing backflips,” said Farrell, whose new band, Satellite Party, makes its live debut Friday night in a free Après X concert at Wagner Park in downtown Aspen. “But as they say in surfing, whoever’s having the best time is the best surfer. So I may be the best snowboarder on the mountain.”Much like the onstage Farrell. When he last played Aspen five years ago, in his guise as DJ Peretz, the music was just some guy spinning record. But the vibe Farrell radiated was unforgettable.School district eyes property tax cutASPEN The Aspen School District is looking at refinancing the school bond that paid for the new $40 million Aspen High School construction project several years ago, and is planning to cut its property tax rate to reflect the resultant savings.The district finance officer, Bill Anuszewski, got permission Monday from the school board to go ahead with a the refinancing, which he said could shave as much as $1.3 million off the cost of the bond by the time it is paid off in 2020.He said he will be drawing up the final papers to issue new bonds, at a slightly lower interest rate than was in effect when the bonds were issued, and will provide information about the mill levy reduction once the deal is ready to go, possibly in early February.He noted that interest rates could fluctuate in the meantime, and the entire refinancing plan might need to be delayed if the changes are not in the district’s favor. Benefit set for local familyThere will be a fundraising event tonight at Russets, 225 Main St. in Carbondale, to raise money to help the family of longtime local resident John Palmer.Palmer, who has been diagnosed with esophageal cancer, has not been working for several months and faces considerable medical bills. The Russets event, however, is to raise money to help pay the college expenses of his daughter, Aurora, according to organizers.The event is from 5-8:30 p.m.Bush’s Iraq plan prompts protestCARBONDALE In coordination with national demonstrations around the United States to protest President George W. Bush’s “surge” of troops bound for Iraq, there will be a rally in front of the Carbondale Post Office at 11 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 27.Local activist Jane Veit of Carbondale is spearheading an organizational effort by many concerned citizens planning to participate in the event, which is expected to last until 1 p.m.Veit said Wednesday that the demonstrators will carry placards opposing the surge. The group also will be demanding the Bush administration refrain from any attack against Iran.Veit said the rally is not affiliated with any local organization.In related news, Glenwood Springs attorney Calvin Lee will be in Washington, D.C., for a rally there, and will call in a live report to Carbondale radio station KDNK around 11 a.m. Saturday. Lee is a member of the Roaring Fork Peace Coalition.Flipped plow closes I-70EAGLE COUNTY – The westbound lanes of Interstate 70 near Vail Pass were closed for more than two hours Wednesday morning after a plow driver lost control and flipped over.The Colorado Department of Transportation plow driver reported that a vehicle cut him off as he was sanding and salting a westbound lane of traffic at about 9:30 a.m., said CDOT spokesperson Mindy Crane.The driver said he swerved to avoid the car, lost control and flipped into the eastbound lane, Crane said.The driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries, including bumps and bruises, she said.One eastbound lane and both westbound lanes were closed while crews worked to upright the plow. The westbound lanes reopened just after noon, but traffic was backed up for about six miles during the closure.Crane said people need to remember to drive safely around plows.”I think it’s a good reminder for people to slow down,” she said. “This is a large vehicle out on the roadway and our crews are doing the best they can to keep our roadways safe. We really need motorists to take it easy and not be aggressive around our plows.”The Colorado State Patrol is still investigating the incident. Trooper Ben Steger, who responded to the accident, said no citations have been issued. Police are still gathering witness statements to determine if in fact a second vehicle was involved, Steger said. (Summit Daily News)


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