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‘Supernanny’ making Junction stopGRAND JUNCTION Tired of bratty kids clawing at your pant legs, throwing blunt objects at their siblings’ heads and finding it impossible to obey the simplest of tasks? It might be time for Supernanny to come to the rescue.From noon to 3 p.m. this Saturday, the casting team for the ABC network’s hit show “Supernanny” will search for the dysfunction in Junction at an open casting call at Mesa Mall.If the casting team likes what it sees, one lucky family from the Western Slope could be picked to appear on a future episode of “Supernanny.” The show stars nanny extraordinaire Jo Frost, who goes to the homes of families with child-rearing issues and tries to teach the parents new skills for handling their children. “Supernanny” Casting Director Johnnie Raines said the number one thing casting producers will be looking for is bad behavior. The casting producer at Mesa Mall will go through the candidates and choose which ones to have a more lengthy interview with. If all goes well, the casting producer may go to the family’s home to see them interact in their natural environment.Families trying out for the show will be asked to fill out a short application. Forms will be available at the casting call and online at the KJCT8 website.During the audition, a casting producer will interview families and then take their picture. Moms and dads can come alone, but producers prefer to see a whole family together or at least pictures of the family. Still, appearances aren’t what matter most.The show regularly extends their casting net to catch families from all over the country. One of the show’s producers spent some time in Grand Junction and suggested the town to Frost, who was delighted about the prospect of taping here. (Grand Junction Free Press)Warrant sheds lights on Rockne arrestBRECKENRIDGE After Erik Rockne allegedly beat his girlfriend of four years to a near-fatal state in late November, he sexually assaulted her and refused to take her to the hospital for medical attention, according to the warrant for his arrest issued the morning of Jan. 6.Police arrested Rockne, 39, on suspicion of 2nd degree attempted murder, intimidating a victim, false imprisonment, false reporting to authorities and domestic violence. District Attorney Mark Hurlbert is expected to file charges in the case today.Rockne posted bond last Monday and is due in court on Tuesday.Denver criminal defense attorney Larry Pozner is representing Rockne. Pozner, a high-profile attorney who’s represented the likes of the Denver Broncos and Coors Brewing Company, said he would be overstepping an ethical boundary if he commented on the facts of his client’s case.”There’s a difference between what I’d like to say and what I’m allowed to say,” Pozner said. “There are a great many things I’d like to say but I’m supposed to live up to a higher standard than that.” (Summit Daily News)