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A 2-year-old fell from the balcony at Boogies Diner in Aspen shortly before 1 p.m. Saturday.Witnesses say the child was playing near the second-floor dining area and slipped through a narrow opening in the railing near the top of the stairs. The child fell among the clothing racks of the first floor retail space. Police said it was a 15-foot unbroken fall from the stairs to the floor.I just saw it out of the corner of my eye, said K.C. Nash, an employee on the retail floor. Nash said the child landed on his back: Not head-first, he added.He landed right behind me, said Melba Harris of Florida, who was shopping on the first floor at the time. Kids can get into trouble so fast, she said.Paramedics boarding the ambulance that took the child to Aspen Valley Hospital for evaluation said he was going to be OK.I havent had anyone fall down those steps, over those steps, under those steps in 19 years, said Leonard Boogie Weinglass, owner of Boogies. Weinglass said his restaurant serves an average of 500 people per day and hes never had a problem.Kim Reiners, general manager of Boogies, said she received a phone call from a friend of the childs family who confirmed that the child suffered a fractured skull and was flown to a hospital in Denver but was going to be OK.A mother of a child of about the same age as the victim fainted after witnessing the accident. A paramedic stayed behind to help her. She was not taken to the hospital.

Shadow Mountain Lodge staff called police shortly before 4 p.m. Saturday to report a naked man bathing in the hotel pool area. When the police arrived, the man had already gone. Witnesses said he fled the scene wearing only a towel and was last seen running from the hotel, carrying his clothes.No further information was available Saturday afternoon.

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