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The Aspen City Council unveiled a new wall adornment Tuesday night for its chambers at City Hall. Bill Lipsey, principal investor in River Studio Graphics, has reconfigured a historic map of Aspen.Augustus Koch created the original map in 1893. Displaying a cross between a panorama and a map, the aerial view of the city offered people across the country an inviting picture of Aspen. Maps of its kind may have encouraged a frenzy of urban growth in the late 1800s – probably much larger than the building boom the city is attempting to control today, Lipsey told the council Tuesday. In a time without television or detailed aerial photographs, such maps “allowed people to visualize quickly what [the town] was to attract investors,” Lipsey said.Lipsey’s company republished the map this year, enhancing the color to reflect the lushness of the area and adding the signatures of Aspen’s current council members and county commissioners, which “re-establishes it chronologically in history,” Lipsey said.The map is finely detailed down to every railroad track, train and trestle, and even actual outhouses that existed when it was originally drawn. The new, larger version now hangs in the council’s chambers, and poster-sized versions are available at various retail outlets in Aspen and at the Aspen Historical Society.

Komen Aspen, a breast cancer research charity, raised more than $1 million in 2006 in two fundraising events and individual contributions.The 16th annual Aspen Race for the Cure in July raised $145,100 (up $1,000 from last year) and the third annual Ride for the Cure raised $713,000 (up $26,000 from last year).The bulk of the funding goes directly to early cancer detection and treatment for valley residents. According to the foundation, early detection results in a 95 percent survival rate. The foundation’s ultimate goal is to offer free mammograms to all who need one.For information about free mammograms or to offer support for the organization, contact 920-0250 or visit:

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