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News in brief

Someone stole 300 feet of copper strands and a table saw worth about $5,000 from two seperate job sites late Thursday night. Pitkin County sheriff’s deputies believe it is the same thieves who stole from a Missouri Heights construction site a week ago. It is unclear if the thefts were in order to salvage the copper or resell the copper strands as they are. Deputies are following up on leads.Deputy Jim Hearn gave a heads-up to contractors to secure anything possible. He said more and more workers are sleeping in trailers at construction sites in order to protect the equipment.

Oscar Contreras made it to his nephew’s birthday party on Saturday – albeit with a bit of a limp.The limp doesn’t seem too bad, considering the events of Friday night.Contreras was shot with a handgun in the right leg around 11 p.m. Friday. The incident occurred in the parking lot of the Oasis Restaurant, 51701 Highway 6, in West Glenwood.The assailant fled the scene following the shooting. As of Saturday afternoon, police had no suspect in custody, but do have leads, according to Glenwood Springs Police Chief Terry Wilson.Wilson declined to comment on the sequence of events leading up to the shooting, but Oasis owner Axel Contreras said his brother was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.”The guy was trying to get in [the restaurant] and we refused service because he was too drunk,” Axel Contreras said. “We asked him to leave and he got upset … and went to the parking lot and came back with a pistol.”The man was too drunk to handle his gun and likely didn’t single out Oscar as the victim. Axel Contreras wasn’t sure, because “everybody panicked,” but he believes more than one shot was fired.The Oasis, which has 10 security workers, checks for weapons on everyone before entering the bar, Axel Contreras said. In the 3 1/2 years the Oasis has been open this is the first shooting the owner has had to deal with. Wilson agreed that shootings anywhere in Glenwood Springs are “definitely very rare.”The shooter faces some serious charges, according to Wilson. He said he needs to confer with the District Attorney’s Office, but there likely will be “numerous charges involved of a very serious nature.”