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News in Brief

The Thrift Shop has hundreds of bags of clothing free for the taking.

The shop is overwhelmed with an accumulation of clothing and would be grateful to have someone take the items off its hands, said Christina Patterson, the operation’s vice president.

The articles of clothing have been passed over for the Hopkins Avenue shop’s retail selection, as well as those of its counterparts downvalley, but they might well be deemed useable somewhere else. Or the fabric could be suitable for rugs, quilts and other crafts, or fiber recycling, she said.

About three times a year, the shop’s alley bins fill up with items it can’t use. The shop is sometimes forced to have it trucked to the Salvation Army warehouse in Grand Junction.

Anyone who knows of an organization that could use the clothing, or would like to transport it to Grand Junction or Denver, should call the shop at 925-3121 or Patterson at 920-9462.

All traffic on Interstate 70 in Glenwood Canyon will be switched onto the eastbound lanes today, with a single lane in each direction, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through early February.

While traffic is on the eastbound lanes, wide loads will be restricted to 8.5 feet wide and 100 feet long at all times.

Oversized loads will pull over to a staging area at each end and be escorted by a CDOT vehicle through the work site twice a day at specific times only. Westbound wide loads will be escorted through the work site at 8 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.. Eastbound wide loads will be escorted at 8:30 a.m. and 3 p.m.

These are the only times CDOT will allow wide loads through the site, so truckers are urged to coordinate travel plans with these times in order to minimize wait time, officials said.

The staging areas are located westbound near the Dotsero exit, by the westbound on ramp at exit 133, and eastbound at the truck parking area at mile marker 108.

Lanes in both directions of the interstate were severely damaged during a Thanksgiving Day rockslide near the Hanging Lake tunnel. Remaining work on the westbound lanes includes the removal and repair of damaged retaining walls, pavement and embankment material.