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News in Brief

In another attempt to improve the flow of afternoon traffic trying to leave Aspen, the city is implementing new turn restrictions in the S-curves today.From 3 to 6 p.m. on weekdays, no right turns from North Seventh Street onto Highway 82 are permitted. Also, no straight movements from North Seventh Street onto Highway 82 are allowed.Left turns from the highway onto North Seventh and straight movements from the highway onto North Seventh will be permitted.The latest rules come on the heels of street and alley closures enacted earlier this month.Access to the highway from Hallam, Bleeker east of the highway, and the alley between Hallam and Bleeker is closed continuously. The closures and turn restrictions have been implemented to improve the flow of Roaring Fork Transportation Authority buses and traffic in general.Afternoon congestion has slowed traffic to a crawl through the S-curves – the two 90-degree turns where Highway 82 narrows to two lanes on the western edge of town.

The Aspen Music Festival and School is to announce the name of its new president and chief executive officer, to succeed outgoing President and CEO Don Roth, at a news conference today.Corporate officials were being tightlipped Wednesday as to the identity of the new president, although one official indicated that her new boss is a man. Roth could not be reached for comment.It was announced last March that Roth, who has run the festival since 2001, would be leaving by March 2006, when his one-year renewal contract expires.Roth succeeded the late Robert Harth as CEO.Roth said last spring that his goal was “returning to my roots in one of my two hometowns – New York City, my birthplace, or Austin, Texas, where I spent my formative years and began my career in arts management.”

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