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News in Brief

The Colorado Department of Transportation urges motorists to slow down in the right, upvalley lane of Highway 82 near Basalt (mile marker 21.05), where a steel bridge joint needs replacement.CDOT has placed temporary steel plates across it, requiring a speed reduction from 55 mph to 35 mph. Warning signs will alert motorists to the hazard.CDOT crews have inspected the bridge joint and hope to complete a temporary fix this week. The bridge – built in 1987 and rehabilitated in 1993 – is structurally sound, according to the agency. Steel bridge joints, allowing for a structure’s natural expansion, are routinely replaced when necessary. A permanent joint replacement will be done when warmer temperatures allow the work.

The Roaring Fork Family Resource Centers, a 10-year-old organization that works to improve the connections among local families and the Roaring Fork School Distinct is urging people to make a Christmas donation to the organization in the name of a friend, favorite teacher, family member or co-worker.People in whose name a donation is made will receive a “colorful certificate” bearing “a personalized message and graphic,” said Executive Director Carolyn Hardin.”Proceeds from your tax-deductible donation go right back to the kids in our schools for medical, dental, vision, mental health services, enrichment activities and much more,” the centers’ Nancy LaJoy wrote in a statement.For more information, e-mail questions to LaJoy at or call 384-5694.

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