News in Brief

The new Ralph Lauren Polo store plans to celebrate its opening on the corner of Galena and Cooper with a Dec. 30 party. There should be plenty of ice.

Aspen’s Special Events Committee reviewed plans Friday for the construction of an enclosure on the nearby mall made of blocks of ice, where food and drinks will be served to invitees. The walls of ice would be 5 feet high.

The store would also like an outdoor DJ during the event, scheduled from 5 to 8 p.m.

Guests will mingle between the ice structure and the store. The event is a benefit for DATA or Debt Aids Trade Africa, according to the store’s application for a special-events permit.

The committee, which includes representatives of various city departments, including the police, fire and parking departments, appeared willing to grant a permit for the party, and the ice enclosure, assuming all of their concerns can be addressed.

A.G. Edwards, a St. Louis-based brokerage firm, has asked to erect a 9000-square-foot tent in Wagner Park next month, to be used for two private evening banquets.

It would be the 10th year for the corporate event, which rewards its sales executives. The event has used the banquet hall at the St. Regis Aspen in the past, but that facility is no longer available in its former configuration, with the construction of a new spa in the luxury hotel/residence club, an event spokesperson explained.

Dinners for 400 to 450 people would be served on Jan. 9 and 12; the tent may remain in place for A Taste of Wintersköl on Jan. 15 if that arrangement can be worked out. The tent would be heated and contain flooring.

The city’s Special Events Committee on Friday reviewed the request to make use of the park and agreed the plan is workable. Organizers need a special-event permit from the city to use the park.