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Mudslide closes Highway 133A deluge of rain triggered multiple mudslides that closed Highway 133 for about 90 minutes near Redstone yesterday.The slides were reported about 5 p.m. after hard rain swept through the Roaring Fork and Crystal valleys. “They got a gully-washer up there,” said a spokesman for the Carbondale Fire Department.Carbondale firefighters who were driving in the area helped slow traffic before vehicles encountered the mud, rock and logs.The first slides were reported about one and a half miles north of Redstone. Traffic was able to negotiate through, but additional slides farther south covered both lanes with up to three feet of debris, according to the fire department spokesman. No vehicles or people were trapped in the slides.The road was closed while crews and equipment from the Colorado Department of Transportation cleared the mess. At 6:30 p.m., the fire department spokesman said the crews were close to having Highway 133 reopened.

Aspen TV enters digital ageLocal cable television viewers will have access to the clearer, sharper picture and sound offered by high-definition television, or HDTV, sometime next month.Comcast, which provides cable television in Aspen, plans to roll out HDTV technology on or about Sept. 7, according to a letter from the company to John Worcester, city attorney.”We’re joining the 21st century,” Worcester said. “We’re three years behind most cities.”Various networks will have new channels for the digital broadcast, in addition to the existing channel on which they’re viewed. HBO for example, is broadcast on channel 5, but HBO HD will be seen on channel 651.Viewers won’t automatically receive HD technology, though.”You have to buy an HD-ready TV, which are fairly expensive, and you have to rent a box from Comcast, which is five bucks,” Worcester said.

Road work planned for Lower River RoadCulvert replacement is scheduled for Lower River Road next week from Monday through Thursday.One lane will be closed and drivers should expect 10- to 20-minute delays. Drivers are also asked to use caution when traveling on Lower River Road during construction. For more information, call the Road & Bridge Department at 920-5390.

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