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News in Brief

Extra concert bus scheduledThe Roaring Fork Transportation Authority is adding an extra bus that will head directly to Snowmass Village for its Thursday night concert series on Fanny Hill.Riders can catch the bus at Rubey Park at 15 minutes after the hour; it will take passengers to the Snowmass Mall. The buses leaving Aspen at 45 minutes after the hour will connect with the Snowmass Shuttle at the Brush Creek Road intercept lot; passengers may transfer there for a ride up to the mall.

Leaf blower crackdown?Leaf blower surveillance in Aspen will begin Monday, according to the city’s Environmental Health Department.Staffers will conduct daily patrols throughout town to enforce the citywide ban on gas-powered leaf blowers. “The city is receiving numerous complaints about the use of these leaf blowers in the commercial and residential areas,” according to Jannette Murison, senior environmental health specialist. The ban has been in effect since April 2003, when the City Council approved the revisions to Aspen’s noise ordinance. Staffers have sent numerous letters to landscapers and property managers reminding them of the ban, but since residents are still complaining, the city will be cracking down on enforcement to get compliance.Murison suggested landscapers and property managers replace gas-powered leaf blowers with electric leaf blowers or simply use an old-fashioned broom. “When possible, use a broom. It will save energy and reduce fugitive dust,” she said.The city will issue citations for infractions; the penalty is a fine of up to $500 and, possibly, a mandatory court appearance.For more information about leaf blowers or the noise ordinance, log on at or call 920-5039.

Burlingame topsoil available for takingAspen is giving away some 40,000 in excess topsoil at its Burlingame Ranch housing project. Only commercial-size dump trucks are welcome to pick up the soil; no one can enter the site without first scheduling a pickup. The topsoil is “dirty” – it’s about 50 percent organic soil and 50 percent small rock, requiring screening and raking.Trucking companies must register by calling Robert Glover at 920-7940 or Ben Ludlow at 920-5123. The material is available Monday through Friday, from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m., until July 29.The material is available at the Harmony Road traffic signal at Highway 82 (immediately downvalley of Buttermilk). The minimum distribution is 100 yards (10 commercial dump truck loads) per day, per person/company. Large quantities (2,000 yards or more) may be screened at a negotiated price.

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