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News in Brief

In preparation for the construction of a new bridge over Maroon Creek, crews will begin utility work in the area today. No lane closures will be required, but occasional traffic stops are possible to allow work vehicles to cross Highway 82.

The Colorado Department of Transportation and Holy Cross Energy will install four temporary power poles that will be in place during the construction project. The utility work will entail digging and installing two poles and anchors at each end of the bridge adjacent to the eastbound lanes.

Crews will be working at either end of the bridge from about 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. today through Thursday.

Construction of the new Maroon Creek bridge was contracted to BTE/Atkinson JV for $13.9 million and is expected to begin later this month or in early July.

Xcel Energy is putting its money where its mouth is when it comes to furthering Carbondale’s goals in developing renewable energy resources.

The Carbondale-based Community Office for Resource Efficiency (CORE) announced last week that it was successful in obtaining a $27,000 grant from Xcel’s Renewable Energy Trust Fund to install a 4-kilowatt photovoltaic panel system on Town Hall.

The system will produce an average of about 15 kilowatt-hours per day and up to 6,500 kilowatt-hours annually. Any amount of electricity the PV panels generate that Town Hall doesn’t need will be sold back to Xcel.

“This installation will lower the cost of city energy use, as well as carbon emissions,” said CORE’s outreach coordinator, Illene Pevec. “By generating this much clean energy, we are eliminating 12,000 pounds of greenhouse gases per year. Carbondale will be a cleaner town.”

The Aspen Board of Realtors is accepting applications for grants to aid qualified nonprofit organizations in the valley that provide housing services to moderate- to low-income persons.

To date, the Colorado Association of Realtors/Housing Opportunity Foundation has distributed more than $4 million statewide to more than 100 nonprofit and public agencies, according to Jim Pomeroy, local CARHOF chairman.

CARHOF collects interest from earnest money held in home purchases, he explained. By law, brokers cannot earn interest on escrow trust accounts. But through CARHOF, the interest can be collected and made available through grants that aid affordable housing programs, crisis shelters and other housing-related projects.

Applications will be accepted through July 1; for more information, contact Pomeroy at