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Dump truck loses load on Highway 82A dump truck hauling gravel on Highway 82 lost its estimated three- to four-ton load after an engine fire yesterday evening near Holland Hills.A fire in the truck’s battery apparently short-circuited the vehicle’s rear door, causing it to open and bury all four lanes in a few inches of gravel, according to a witness who drove by the scene.State road crews were called in to clean up the mess. Attempts to contact the Colorado State Patrol were unsuccessful.Condo owner drops battle to keep unitThe owner of affordable housing who was ordered to sell her unit two and a half years ago because she didn’t live and work here has agreed to do so.Legal wrangling between condo owner Cathleen Tripodi and the Aspen-Pitkin County Housing Authority has come to a close, and Tripodi has agreed to vacate her Marthinsson-Nostdahl unit by early next month, according to Tom Smith, attorney for the housing authority. The unit is expected to be sold through a lottery in the near future.After a lengthy hearing in December 2003, the housing board voted unanimously to order Tripodi to sell her deed-restricted condo, concluding that she was not meeting requirements that she live and work full time in Pitkin County. Housing officials found Tripodi in violation of the residency and work requirements after her appointment to a post with the Maryland-based Department of Energy by the Bush administration in March 2001.The housing office subsequently filed a lawsuit against Tripodi, seeking a court order forcing her to sell the unit after she refused to comply with the housing board’s decision.Popular Basalt restaurant shutteredThe Roaring Fork Valley’s annual restaurant shuffle this year claimed the popular Basalt establishment Hestia.The restaurant’s owners, Stacey Baldock and Pagge Wheatley, could not be reached for comment. Nor could their landlord, Robert Ritchie, who owns the commercial strip along Two Rivers Road, between Midland Avenue and the Fryingpan River.But some familiar with the situation, who asked to remain anonymous, said the closure of the popular restaurant was due to a disagreement about an increase in the rent. The restaurant had been open for nearly two years and had gotten good reviews from customers.It’s unclear whether the Hestia owners will try to stay in the restaurant business. Terry Alexander, owner of the La Fontana shopping plaza on Highway 133, said they’re considering a new space in Carbondale and that he recently showed Baldock the 2,600-square-foot space now occupied by Zocalito’s.Alexander said Zocalito’s, which recently opened a second restaurant in Aspen, has not shown any interest in renewing the current lease, which expires in the fall. (From The Valley Journal)