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News in Brief

The Wheeler Opera House got a little wet after a malfunctioned sprinkler system flooded the upper floors over the weekend.

Sgt. Steve Smith of the Aspen Police Department said the sprinklers ran long enough to cause substantial water damage to the upper floor of the playhouse. Water also leaked through the building into the back alley.

“It’s pretty icy back there,” Smith said.

Smith said the sprinklers could have been turned off sooner by the police, but they did not have a key to the playhouse.

He said he hopes police will be granted more access in the future to prevent similar incidents.

A snowplow stolen in the area of South Galena Street late Saturday night has not been recovered.

The plow, estimated to be worth $12,000, could be started without a key.

“Some people are going to have some sore backs,” said Sgt. Steve Smith of the Aspen Police Department.

And a 1988 gray Subaru that was stolen from the West Hopkins area last week also has not been recovered. The owner of the car, which has the license plate 654 LAR, apparently left the car unlocked with the keys inside.

“If anyone sees that [license number], give the local police a call,” Smith said.