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News from I-70

Dear Editor:On behalf of the Interstate 70 Mountain Transportation Corridor Coalition, and as the new chair and vice-chair of the organization, we are pleased to report a successful year in 2006 and look forward to representing the coalition as we anticipate great progress to be made in 2007. Since its creation in 2004, the coalition has proved to be a powerful voice for jurisdictions located along the I-70 mountain corridor, which stretches from Denver International Airport to Grand Junction and adjoining communities, while working with the Colorado Department of Transportation and other transit agencies on long-term transit solutions for the mountain corridor.In 2006 the coalition expanded to include private partners including Vail Resorts Inc., Intrawest Corp., Gart Companies, the Vail Valley Chamber and Tourism Bureau and Summit County Chamber of Commerce, as well as added Front Range governmental members Jefferson County and the city of Golden. These new members will be important to the success of the organization as it moves forward. With the help of our partners, especially the Northwest Colorado Council of Governments, we received a $30,000 grant and hosted a transit workshop held in October at Copper Mountain that included panelists from Colorado and across the nation who discussed transit technology, structures, financing opportunities and transit alternatives. Many of you responded to the coalition’s travel demand management and construction impact mitigation recommendations that were developed for the I-70 mountain corridor. Following your responses, we presented these recommendations to CDOT as potential strategies for dealing with the current levels of congestion, and in anticipating impacts from construction activities.Throughout the next year the coalition will continue to distribute information about its preferred alternative and invite other public entities and private-sector organizations to participate. This will include presentations along the I-70 mountain corridor, in the Front Range and throughout Colorado. We encourage you to attend one of the many presentations or to schedule a presentation for your organization to learn more about the coalition and its goals and objectives. The coalition expects to begin the implementation of a $500,000 transit planning grant from CDOT that will be used to complete a land-use planning and zoning effort for all coalition member jurisdictions to ensure transit systems and transit-related development will be accommodated in the future. As an organization, we’ll also respond to the CDOT’s Final Planning and Environmental Impact Statement for the mountain corridor, which is scheduled to be released in late 2007.Coalition members, both private and public, are coordinating efforts to implement long-term transportation improvements along the mountain corridor while representing the Coalition’s best interests. We encourage you to learn more about these efforts and this exciting process. Information is available at and requests for presentations are welcome.Throughout the next year we look forward to representing the coalition and your community in advocating for transportation solutions along the mountain corridor.Michael Penny, I-70 Coalition chairmanFrisco town managerPeter Runyon, I-70 Coalition vice chairmanEagle County commissioner