New Year’s resolutions we’d like to see |

New Year’s resolutions we’d like to see

OK, we hear you. Over the last few days, a number of readers and Times employees have complained that we’re printing too much bad news. People are tired of it, and we don’t blame them.

Problem is, we’re not hearing a lot of good news to report. Times are simply tough, folks, and it’s our duty not to sugarcoat the truth.

That won’t stop us, however, from making a few wishes for the coming year. Every one of these ideas represents something we’d like to see in 2009, and by definition they mark an improvement over 2008.

Happy New Year, Aspen. Let’s hope it’s better than 2008.

– No more dead newspapers. Call us selfish, but it’s a shame to see them go. The loss of the Valley Journal was not good for Carbondale.

– More snow. Hopefully it’ll bring more guests, but regardless it means more fun. Powder is God’s good tidings.

– No scandals at the Aspen Police Department. Enough, already.

– No more books or films about Hunter S. Thompson. We admired the good doctor, too, but c’mon …

– How about some more free parking days from the city of Aspen? Or at least some traffic/parking solutions that don’t involve penalizing commuters.

– Can Aspen go for one year without losing a cherished local watering hole, restaurant or dinner theater?

” Kill the fire hearth. It makes everyone in environmentally minded Aspen look like a hypocrite. Plus, it looks like an alien spacecraft.

– Extended happy hours for those of us who work until 7 p.m. Our sales tax coffers will benefit, too.

– Pay attention to your surroundings: That means no double parking, looking both directions before you step off the curb, and stop wandering around the streets of downtown Aspen like you’re in the safe confines of your back yard.

– Delay the May City Council election campaign season until March. Nevermind, that already started last summer.

– A playoff win for the Aspen High football team. They’ve come a long way over the last two seasons ” now we’d like to see them make some noise in the postseason.

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