New World Order an agenda, not a conspiracy theory |

New World Order an agenda, not a conspiracy theory

The most powerful secret societies have one objective. To dominate and run the world. They have been successful in some areas like Europe through the EU.

GATT [The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade] and NAFTA [North American Free Trade Agreement] have also helped strip boundaries in the Western hemisphere.

Secret groups like the Bilderbergers will take over smaller countries through loans, that can never be paid off, and of course coups, and murderous killing squads are also a useful tool for the elite. They take over a country’s resources and of course set up a military state.

That is one reason we see so many protests worldwide. It is in their own back yard, and as unarmed as they are, some still resist tyranny from their oppressors. The New World Order is not a conspiracy theory, it is an agenda.

Their final goal is to bring about the surrender of the sovereignty and the national independence of the United States. The CFR is an American group that plays a very important role in destroying our sovereignty, they run the media. Information is a key component to fighting government tyranny.

Here is another point, since 1945, there have been three Republicans and four Democrats to win the presidency. There is a large personnel change, but no change in policy. Think about it. The “left vs. right” fight was engineered to keep citizens “stuck,” while the elites do an end run. The U.S. Constitution is our only hope in keeping us free, and it’s eroding quickly.

Cliff Hughes

Glenwood Springs


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