New Winterskol slogan: Aged To Perfection

Staff report

The Winterskol Committee and Aspen Chamber Resort Association selected “Aged to Perfection” as the official slogan for the 65th annual Winterskol Celebration, Jan. 14 to 17. The winning slogan was submitted by Beth Hensel.

Entrants were asked to submit catchphrases between one and five words that embodied Aspen’s annual toast to winter and embraced the celebration’s 65th anniversary.

Hensel’s prize is one pass to the 2016 Food & Wine Classic in Aspen. Her slogan will appear on buttons, in print and on other promotional and advertising materials for the celebration.

Winterskol dates back to a quiet January in 1951 when local Aspenites decided to celebrate Aspen’s unique alpine lifestyle with an eclectic weekend of festivities. While it was initially intended to bring crowds to town during Aspen’s slower season, it has since developed into one of high-season’s most cherished traditions, with several events dating back all the way to the first Winterskol.