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New Tricks

Everybody knows the feeling of being a beginner, a neophyte, a freshman. At one time or another, we’ve all entered some environment that was new, exotic and daunting, whether it was a first swim in the ocean, the first day of high school or the first foray into a foreign country.For many, these moments of newness and adventure shrink in number as they get older. It’s more comfortable, after all, to stick to known realms and avoid risk.Here in the mountains, it’s commonplace for locals to watch a class of beginning skiers and laugh at their struggles, or scoff at their breaches of on-mountain etiquette. But part of mountain living is to get out as much as possible, to open the eyes and try new things – in effect, to be a tourist or beginner.With that in mind, several Aspen Times staffers decided to become beginners again, by trying winter sports they’d never tried before. It forced them to shed their skins a bit, keep an open mind and take a few chances. Here’s what they learned.

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