New times for the Times |

New times for the Times

The paper you’re reading is the last of its kind.Next week, the Aspen Times Weekly will switch to a new publication day, Sunday, and will feature a new design. So don’t bother checking the green newspaper box on Thursday, Jan. 6. The first 2005 edition of the Weekly will appear on Sunday, Jan. 9.The weekend of Jan. 8-9 is a big one for The Aspen Times for several reasons. Aside from moving the Weekly to Sunday and giving it a new look, we’re also publishing the first Saturday and Sunday editions of The Aspen Times daily. Since 1988, the Times has been a five-days-a-week newspaper, but from Jan. 8 forward, we’ll be publishing every day of the week, 365 days of the year.These are big changes that have been a long time coming. We think they’re necessary to ensure that the Times remains the first and best source of news in the Roaring Fork Valley.The Times Weekly will continue to be the venue for longer news features and profiles, extensive arts and entertainment coverage, travel pieces from around the world, The Listings and, of course, Mary Eshbaugh Hayes’ Around Aspen column. It will be printed on cleaner, whiter recycled paper and will have a more modern look. We think the Weekly can thrive as sort of a Sunday magazine, rather than competing with Thursday’s daily newspaper. Frankly, it’s always been kind of a “Sunday morning read” anyway.The Weekly will be inserted in the Times daily each week on Sunday and available in our purple racks all over the valley. For those who don’t make it to the newspaper box on Sunday, it will be available in the same green boxes throughout the week.Publishing the Times daily all seven days of the week is first and foremost a matter of effectively covering the news in a dynamic community. Some 30,000 people live in the Roaring Fork Valley now, and news happens every day. Furthermore, we can offer advertisers two more opportunities per week to reach readers and potential clients.Over time, we look forward to filling our Saturday and Sunday editions with new features and innovative glimpses of life in the valley. We hope you’ll join us every day, every week, as we enter these new Times.- Bob Ward, editor