New solutions needed |

New solutions needed

Dear Editor:In the July 26 issue of The Aspen Times, in the Discovery section, was a informative article about Amory Lovins and the Rocky Mountain Institute and many ideas about conserving our national energy (“The Energizer: Amory Lovins fights to reduce oil dependency,” July 26). It brought to my mind an idea about using the currents and tides of our oceans to generate electricity. With California and Florida having such long coastlines, is there any conceivable way of using currents like the Gulf Stream to generate electricity? With the rapid advance of so much technology in my life time it is remarkable to say the least.I’m 81 years young and can still remember my first experience with radio was a crystal set! You young folks have no idea what changes have taken place since I was a kid, especially since World War II.Again, I throw out the idea of somehow using the ocean currents and tides to generate electricity, not to cure all the shortages of power at times but just to help.Any answers out there?Chris TessemBasalt

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