New Snowmass is ‘dog-eared’ |

New Snowmass is ‘dog-eared’

All the press. And, the meetings. And, the talk in the village. The Snowmass “experience,” when we first bought a place in the village, was premiere. But, it’s now dog-eared.

The New Snowmass (i.e. Base Village, the Snowmass Center, the Conoco property and the mall), with all the refinements that are being cooperatively developed, has the potential of returning our wonderful mountain to worldwide prominence.

From my family’s viewpoint ? we live part-time on Wood Road and still own a rental unit in the village ? the key to success lies in thinking from the customer back to our offering … not from our offering out.

So, what would we hope to see, from a part-time resident standpoint, from a full-time skier standpoint, from a summer golfer, hiker, mountain biker viewpoint?

First, placement of the Sam’s Knob lift at the Base Village. That’s where the customer would naturally look for it. It’s seems so obvious that some individuals’ efforts to move the lift up the hill are purely self-serving. But, the customer is the key not special interests.

Second, it is depressing when we read about the mall owners sitting back to see how things go. Of course, they want to maximize their investment, but our country has so many success stories of companies (read “vacation resorts”) who re-invented themselves to much higher levels of success (read “quality experience”). Successful re-inventions come from teamwork, not scheming behind the scenes.

Third, we would hope that the Town Council and the majority of residents (full- and part-time) would look very skeptically on anyone who persists in erecting barriers to the basic concept of the Base Village being the new portal to the Snowmass experience.

Jamie Murray

Snowmass Village

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