New signals ease the way |

New signals ease the way

Aspen Times Staff Report

The newest traffic light on Highway 82 has eased access onto the busy highway in Old Snowmass.

Tom Metheny, Highway 82 project engineer on the Snowmass Creek section, said the light was activated on Thursday, Dec. 2. The timing of the light was adjusted yesterday, he said.

When the light was first activated, traffic tended to back up on the highway, Metheny said.

“The length of the commute was a little longer,” he said. So the green time on Highway 82 was increased Wednesday, lengthening the duration of the red light for drivers on Snowmass Creek Road and Lower River Road.

The light was installed as a result of complaints from drivers using the side roads, Metheny said. “They have such a hard time getting out into traffic,” he explained.

Tony Brevetti, manager and part-owner of the Conoco at the intersection, said his customers generally like the new light.

“I haven’t heard one complaint yet from anybody that lives around here,” Brevetti said. “There’s no anxiety when you pull out onto the highway.”

“I think it’s an improvement,” Brevetti said.

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