New shelter the best approach |

New shelter the best approach

Dear Editor:I was very distressed to read Katharine Thalberg’s letter (Aspen Times, Aug. 26) condemning our new animal shelter. While Ms. Thalberg’s concern for homeless animals is obvious, she has little understanding of the reality of the situation.Sadly, millions of animals become homeless each year in this country and hundreds of them are right here in Pitkin County. In order for these animals to be kept fed and safe, and to be found loving homes, they need to be given temporary shelter. I’m guessing that Ms. Thalberg doesn’t want to keep them in her bookstore or home, so I think a new shelter is the way to go.For the record, these animals are not imprisoned, nor are they being punished. As a matter of fact, the homeless dogs and cats of our community are well cared for. We are lucky to have someone as committed as Seth Sachson to run our shelter; his devotion to homeless animals is undeniable.Ms. Thalberg is right on one count – building a new shelter will be somewhat expensive, although less than she stated. As we all know, building costs in the Aspen are high and the requirement to build employee housing also adds to the cost. The good news is that the majority of the costs are being provided by private individuals, greatly reducing what is a burden for the taxpayer in most other communities. Ms. Thalberg suggests that this money would be better spent providing free dog training. This is beyond ridiculous. She goes on to state that spaying and neutering of homeless animals should be mandatory. Guess what, it already is! The best way to help the homeless animals of Aspen and Pitkin County is by building a new shelter, and Seth Sachson and others who have worked so hard to make the new shelter a reality should be commended.Adam GoldsmithAspen

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