New restaurant isn’t for families |

New restaurant isn’t for families

Dear Editor:

I was appalled when I read of the plan to make the new restaurant on Sam’s Knob sit-down only (“Skico to build $9M restaurant,” March 17).

This seems to me to be a bone-headed decision. Snowmass advertises itself as a family resort ” isn’t it counter-productive to set up an inherently higher priced and more rigid venue when this the antithesis of what is wanted by young families? These young families are the future of skiing. Further, this spot probably is the most heavily traveled in the ski area and a sit-down restaurant will have a lower through-put than a cafeteria style. I would think a cafeteria set up with food centers, as at the Sundeck at Ajax, would make a lot more sense.

In addition Skico, in the past, has said that “brown baggers” are welcome at any of their restaurants. Are they going to go back on their word with this venue? This also would be counter-productive when trying to lure young families to skiing.


Bob Lucas



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