New post office in Basalt ready to open |

New post office in Basalt ready to open

Aspen Times Staff Report

Some call Basalt’s new post office the Black Eyed Pea. Others refer to it as Bennigan’s. But a post office by any other name is still a post office.

And Basalt’s post office is finally ready to make its debut. The 14,000-square-foot facility opens Tuesday.

To make the transition as smooth as possible, customers keep the same P.O. box number they had as the old facility on Midland Avenue. Keys to the new boxes were left in customers’ old boxes late last week.

No new mail was scheduled to be delivered to the old boxes as of Friday. The old keys must be turned in at the new post office by Oct. 4.

Postal officials said they outgrew the old facility, which was only 2,061 square feet, years ago. No funds were available until last year for construction of the new building.

The old post office had 1,900 customer boxes compared to 4,500 at the new one, so quite a bit of growth can be absorbed.

The design of the new building was a collaborative effort between the Postal Service and town of Basalt. While the design has received some criticism, Basalt officials say it would have been a bland, concrete box without their intervention.

A grand opening for the facility will be held later this fall.

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