New museum will be economic generator

Dear Editor:

The Aspen Art Museum is creating an incredible opportunity for Aspen, its citizens, and visitors. The proposed museum project will increase vitality in the Zupancis-Galena area and generate new sales tax revenues for the city. The building will be a model for sustainable architecture and energy efficiency and will attract visitors from around the world.

AAM continues to reach out to the community through several great programs. The summer programs for kids are excellent and affordable, the staff takes art into the Pitkin County jail weekly, and the Contemporaries Group invites working-class citizens to learn about art through its programs and events.

The candidates for mayor and council continue to focus on the health of our economy. The new museum will be an economic generator, and the funding will be entirely from private sources. The trustees of the museum are dedicated to their mission and to providing a great asset to our community. And unlike the day-old bread at Mezzaluna, free art is available to everyone all of the time.

Lex Tarumianz



Hanukkah has arrived in Aspen

Members of the valley’s Jewish community gathered at the Albright Pavilion at Aspen Meadows Thursday for their second annual menorah lighting ceremony to celebrate and acknowledge the first day of Hanukkah.

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