New middle school is good idea |

New middle school is good idea

Dear Editor:Hi, my name is J. Daly, and I am an eighth-grader at Aspen Middle School. My opinion on building the new middle school is that we should build a new school. It is a really good idea to build it.The first reason we should build it is because it would be a better environment for learning. If this is passed all of the classrooms would have windows which would provide extra light. It would also be easier to get around the school. It would not be so crammed in the classrooms and the hallways. Right now, my language arts classroom is a crammed, overheated closet. There are no windows, and there is not enough room, and there is not enough technology. If this new school is built, there will be a better air conditioning system so it will be easier to work. It is so dark in our school that we have right now that it is hard to concentrate on your work. When you walk up our stairs it is like walking in a dungeon. I hope the future middle school students have a better learning environment than I did.Another reason we should build a new school is because if we don’t, we will have trailers for our classrooms for the two years during reconstruction of the existing school. Right now, two of our classes are in trailers. The trailers are not good learning environments for students. I think two years of sharing classroom spaces in trailers would ruin the kids’ learning structures. If we built the new school it would just mean two more years of being in our current school. We should not have trailers because there is not enough space. The new school would also give us a better recess area and a larger one.With any extra money we should get lights and an announcer’s booth for our football field. This will give future students a better idea of what school should be like. This is an improvement on everything from recess to classrooms. Vote yes on 3A and 3B.J. DalySnowmass

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