New marijuana labeling, edible rules go into effect Oct. 1

Matt Stensland
Steamboat Springs

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — New marijuana rules that go into effect Oct. 1 aim to keep marijuana products from getting into the hands of small children.

“These regulations reflect extensive stakeholder input focused on public safety and legislative intent,” Colorado Department of Revenue Executive Director Mike Hartman said in a news release. “Marijuana products in shape and branding should not be enticing to children, and we want consumers to be educated about the potency of the products they are buying. These rules ensure that to be the case.”

Beginning Oct. 1, marijuana stores will no longer be able to sell marijuana-infused edibles that are in the shape of a human, animal or fruit. That includes shapes that resemble or contain characteristics of a realistic or fictional human, animal or fruit, including artistic, caricature or cartoon renderings.

Edible products that are in geometric shapes and are fruit flavored will still be allowed.

Rocky Mountain Remedies owner Kevin Fisher, who helped shape some of the state’s first marijuana laws, said the rule is not intended to keep marijuana out of the hands of kids who knowingly want to use marijuana. Instead, it is intended to be less attractive to young children who do not know what the product is.

“We’re trying to create another level of safety for them,” Fisher said.

Fisher said he believed that many of the products that will be affected by the new rule have already been fazed out.

There is another rule taking effect that relates to how marijuana potency is labeled on products.

Products must be labeled either in a font size that is at least two font sizes larger than the surrounding label text and also not less than 10 point font, bold and enclosed within an outlined shape such as a circle or square or highlighted with a bright color such as yellow.

“We’re happy to comply,” Fisher said.

Marijuana stores that still have an inventory of the products with the old labels will still be able to sell those products after Oct. 1.

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