New magazine focuses on prospective home buyers |

New magazine focuses on prospective home buyers

Naomi Havlen

Aspen’s newest magazine is all about the highest-dollar items in the Roaring Fork Valley – real estate and home ownership.Andy Modell, owner of The Aspen Catalogue, is the publisher of Aspen Valley Resort Properties, a 70-page glossy targeted at people who are shopping for a home in the valley. The first issue came out earlier this month.”The whole idea of the book is the same thing as The Catalogue,” Modell said. “It’s a shopping guide – a real estate guide targeted to people who want to buy real estate or remodel it.”Modell has operated The Aspen Catalogue for 30 years; the publication features local advertisements for upscale goods. His related sells goods online from Aspen and the destination resorts of the Hamptons, N.Y.; Sun Valley, Idaho; Santa Fe, N.M., and the Vail/Beaver Creek area.His new magazine, to be published four times a year, features articles on different living environments in the valley, from private clubs to golf courses and ranching facilities. It also has features on interior design and remodeling, architectural designs, materials and alternative energy use for homes.A listing of properties is toward the middle of the magazine.”In all the magazines that you see, they sell real estate in the back of the book like it’s an afterthought,” Modell said. “That’s not what this is – we’re premiering properties in the center of the book.”This is Aspen’s fifth locally produced magazine. But this is not a lifestyle magazine, said consulting publisher Ernie Ashley Goodnough. A lifestyle magazine tells its stories through various personalities, while Aspen Valley Resort Properties has informative articles meant to place emphasis on choices in building, buying or remodeling a home here, she said.”It will try to be objective with all of the choices out there, like in private club choices – the pros and cons of private clubs, and how it’s not for everyone,” Goodnough said. “There are so many choices in Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley, this could go on forever.”Goodnough, who has started around 10 magazines during her career, including Aspen Magazine, was hired as a consultant for Modell’s magazine concept. She said she was surprised that there was no slick magazine designed to drive real estate sales with the word Aspen in the title.”Oddly enough, there was this existing niche,” she said.Goodnough did have a hand in creating Aspen Sojourner’s Mountain Homestyle section, which crosses into other resorts, including Telluride, Vail and Beaver Creek. This new magazine concept is meant specifically for the Roaring Fork Valley, she said.However, real estate-centric magazines like this one are next planned for Vail, Santa Fe and Jackson Hole, Wyo. – the same communities that sell products through Modell’s”I publish a targeted shopping guide in the richest markets in the U.S. People in Aspen can shop in the Hamptons, and people in Sun Valley can shop in Aspen. They’re the richest shoppers in the world,” Modell said.Both The Aspen Catalogue and Aspen Valley Resort Properties will be put on every private jet that flies into Aspen and given to property management firms to be placed in second homes. In addition, it will be mailed to the hometown addresses of people who own Aspen homes in the $2 million range – those are the people who are “constantly changing homes,” Modell said.Also, 1,500 copies will be mailed to customers of local real estate companies.”The whole mission and objective is to drive real estate sales, and to get to people who have been renting in Aspen for years and harbor a desire to live here,” Goodnough said. “We’re not going to cover any place but the Roaring Fork Valley.”Naomi Havlen’s e-mail address is