New lift not needed |

New lift not needed

Dear Editor:

I read with a fair share of disappointment the proposal for fancy new high speed lift on Tiehack.

Let’s not let the horse out of the barn just yet. Tiehack remains one of the last treasures in our valley. A place where one can get away from the high-speed mentality of the modern day ski industry, and society. What’s the big rush anyway? Twelve minutes on a chairlift is a gift, not an inconvenience. I humbly would suggest replacing the two old chairlifts with a new slow- speed double similar to the Thunderbowl lift at Highlands, keeping the valuable relaxing undiscovered feel intact. A high- speed lift would do little more that suck the joy marrow from the bones of Tiehack.

Tiehack used to be thriving with a base area, restaurant and ticket office. Now someone is walking around with 200 million in their pocket, and the place is dead. Let’s keep it that way ” uncrowded by design.

Lo Semple


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