New highway idea is insane |

New highway idea is insane

Bridge to bridge, west to east, Aspen is precisely 1.5 miles long. And from the bridge just north of City Market to the base of Aspen Mountain is just seven blocks.

Desecrating open space and spending $72 million for a new highway and tunnel to bring 20,000 to 30,000 cars, trucks and buses each day into this tiny town seems insane.

Our problem is too many cars with one person per car. A new highway and bridge over the Marolt Open Space would have exactly the same traffic flow problems we now have. Every time a new highway is opened, anywhere, it fills up immediately. Who doesn’t know that?

Greg Paul, a RFTA bus driver for 27 years, offered some thoughtful suggestions in a recent letter to the editor. Before we make an irreversible mistake, let’s try to come up with intelligent transportation decisions that will again put Aspen in a leadership position.

Please vote for the S-curves on Nov. 5.

Betty Farson


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